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Deepcoin 2023 Recap: Pioneering Derivatives Trading Innovations & Global Engagement

Deepcoin 2023 Recap: Pioneering Derivatives Trading Innovations & Global Engagement

SINGAPORE, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Web3 industry has long attracted attention for its highly transparent and innovative nature. Within a challenging and ever-changing market landscape, Deepcoin continues to launch innovative trading products and features. The exchange Itargets the international market by formulating global strategies, taps into local resources, adaptively uses local marketing strategies and constantly builds communities to provide global users innovative products and services in demand. As a pioneering and user-friendly cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, Deepcoin reflects on its transformative journey throughout 2023 and looks forward to 2024. Amidst a challenging yet evolving market landscape, Deepcoin stood resilient and continued its commitment to both innovation and building communities while offering a comprehensive suite of new trading features and actively participating in key industry events.

Top 10 Among CoinMarketCap Derivatives & Top 3 on CoinGecko

In 2023, Deepcoin maintained a rapid pace of development which allowed it to increase in rank to 3rd place on CoinGecko derivatives exchange rankings. Deepcoin also jumped to 10th place on CoinMarketCap derivatives exchange rankings while being placed in the top 20 for its spot exchange rankings.

Increased Trading Volumes: Futures 5X & Spot 8X

Since the start of 2023, perpetual trading volume at Deepcoin has increased nearly 5 times compared with the previous year. The average daily number of traders has increased by almost 2.5 times compared with the year prior and the number of new trading currency pairs has increased by 37.63% compared with 2022. The spot trading volume also increased but approximately 8 times compared to the year prior with an average daily trading volume increasing by nearly 3 times than before.

20+ New Products Launched, Serving 10 Million Traders

In 2023, Deepcoin launched many trading tools to create the ultimate trading experience, launched innovative products such as indicator orders, drawing orders, copy trading, strategic copy trading, continuous orders, external orders, simulated trading, lightning mode, reverse trades, saving, trading competitions, and a dozen new products that covers strategic trading, current financial management, event competitions and other business opportunities.

It’s worth mentioning that the indicator order function allows users to place lightning orders on the chart, set limit orders, and quickly drag positions to set profit-taking and spot losses, thereby increasing the accuracy in seizing the trading point of the spread pattern. The drawing order function supports line segments, straight lines or rays drawn by users as the order condition. When the latest price crosses the line segment, the order will be placed at the market price, thereby further improving the user’s trading experience and seizing more trading opportunities. Continuous placing of orders supports automatic opening and closing of positions according to the opening and exit conditions set by the user after setting the single order volume, position opening conditions and exit conditions. These innovative features empower unlimited trading possibilities and reflect Deepcoin’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to the ever-changing trading needs of Deepcoin users.

Meanwhile, the production and research team still insists on iterating existing products to improve user experience. As of December 2023, the number of users of strategy products exceeds 20,000, and more than 10,000 global users participated in the financial product .

For 2024, Deepcoin will launch more innovative types of products to lead the cryptocurrency market.

Providing Support to Top Trading Depth & Creating Industry Standards for Trading Slippage

Deepcoin has always been striving for excellence in transaction depth and is committed to providing users with better trading experiences. In 2023, Deecpin will continue to be upgraded to provide users with top-notch transaction depth support across the entire network and create industry benchmark transaction slippage levels. This means users will be able to enjoy even lower trading fees, better price execution and wider market coverage. Additionally, Deepcoin promises to provide excellent slippage protection across the entire network to ensure that the trading experiences of users would always maintain a high level of usability while ensuring a safe, innovative, and enhanced trading ecosystem for all its users.

Cumulatively Solved 200,000+ User Requests

Deepcoin has always been user-centered, and as such, has solved a total of 200,000+ user problems throughout 2023; Covering 12 languages, the customer consultation response rate was over 95% within 20 seconds which was an approximate online queue rate of less than 0.3%. The annual complaint rate is less than 0.8 % while more than tens of thousands of mischarged assets and mislinked assets have been recovered for users. The rate for resolving challenging problems within a 48-hour window is more than 90% and the frequency of recurrent issues from the same users is less than 0.6%. User reports on customer services resulted in a less than 1% rate for incorrect help. The data here signifies Deepcoin’s commitment to the support provided to Deepcoin users regardless of language, time, or concern.

Deepcoin Labs Approved by Dubai DMCC & Established $10 Million Fund for Web3 Development

In 2023, Deepcoin Labs, an investment institution under Deepcoin that focuses on blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrency, announced that it had obtained the Dubai Multi Commodities Trading Center (DMCC) license and established a $10 million dollar fund to promote the development of the Web3 industry. Deepcoin Labs is committed to incubating and nurturing higher-quality, forward-looking projects in the Web3 ecosystem, and operating compliant, solid, and stable operations within the regulatory framework established by DMCC. This contributes to the broader Web3 community, as similar-minded visionaries can work together to promote innovative growth in the crypto industry. The establishment of the $10 million fund provided by Deepcoin Labs will also inject strong impetus and financial guarantee into the innovation of the Web3 industry. In the future, Deepcoin Labs will actively develop and expand its layout to promote long-term and sustainable development in the industry and reshape the future of the global Web3 landscape by focusing on investment, education, industry research and other sectors.

Active in Global Web3 Exhibition Participations to Promote Industry Innovation

In 2023, Deepcoin actively participated in globally influential Web3 exhibitions to communicate and share insights and experiences in the blockchain industry with senior builders within other industries. Deepcoin successively appeared at the 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival, Korean Blockchain Week, Singapore’s Token 2049, Dubai‘s Future Blockchain Summit and other important industry events and organized related peripheral activities. Doing so has reinforced Deepcoin’s position as the world’s leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. By actively participating in influential regional summits, Deepcoin aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Deepcoin founder and CEO Ego Huang emphasized: “It takes a lot of time and energy to do something well, and it requires deep cultivation and dedicated research. In the unpredictable crypto world, Deepcoin has always been committed to shaping the future of crypto asset trading and redefining The overall experience of cryptocurrency trading users, ensuring that they always benefit from our advanced trading tools and can trade confidently in our safe, robust, and innovative ecosystem created by us.”

Over the past year, Deepcoin’s extraordinary achievements in refining its trading platform, introducing innovative features, growing market share, and prioritizing user experience are testaments to its unwavering commitment to the web3 industry. Looking forward to 2024, Deepcoin won’t spare any efforts to promote innovative development within the industry and promote vigorous developments for the cryptocurrency community. Deepcoin is not only committed to providing users with a powerful trading platform and a safe and efficient trading environment, but also provides users with a gateway to a prosperous cryptocurrency community and promotes positive improvements in the field of cryptocurrency assets.

About Deepcoin

Deepcoin is a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange committed to providing users with a secure, efficient, and innovative trading experience while known for its relentless innovation and long-term value proposition. Founded in 2018 by industry veterans and former executives of renowned companies, Deepcoin has amassed over 10 million registered users across 30 countries, facilitating a cumulative trading volume exceeding US $1 trillion. Having broad support for global fiat currency deposits, Deepcoin enables direct purchases of major cryptocurrencies and offers a range of trading options for over 100 cryptocurrencies. Its user-friendly platform includes spot trading, perpetual contracts, inverse perpetual contracts, and DeFi financial management savings, backed by 24/7 multilingual customer support, empowering individuals and institutions to navigate the digital asset market with confidence and ease. Deepcoin continues to redefine the crypto trading landscape, delivering unparalleled innovation and exceptional user experiences.

Website: Deepcoin.com
Twitter: twitter.com/Deepcoin_news
Telegram: https://t.me/deepcoin_english

SOURCE Deepcoin

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