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Dinabite.ai brings a new technology to automate hospitality marketing

Innovative hospitality marketing app

Marketing tool aggregator

Easy to use app

Dinabite, AI powered marketing

Dinabite, Marketing automation for hospitality

Dinabite is a marketing automation tool for Hospitality. It puts the best marketing tools in a single, easy to use, platform and uses AI to maximise results.

Dinabite allowed us to gather all our PR, campaigns and reporting in a single place. The level of expertise and manual input required to get great results is minimal, so it is a huge help for us”

— Lucille L.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Social media and online marketing are booming.

Bust most small hospitality businesses like restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, homestays, find it really difficult to exploit this opportunity and properly manage their online and social media presence.

There are many tools available, but the problem is that each of these tools is separate with its own model, logic and interface. This requires a lot of time and coordination, often lacking with small teams that are mainly focused to serving clients.

The solution is Dinabite, a new technology that aggregates all the best hospitality marketing tools in a single, and very easy-to-use app.

With https://dinabite.ai, the hospitality staff can manage marketing and social media with minimal effort and time, while getting great results.

Dinabite can reduce team time by 30% or more. One manager mentioned that, rather than going onto 4 different platforms, they now just go into dinabite and do everything there. So instead of taking 2 hours in the morning, it’s just 20 minutes.

Key Functionalities
With Dinabite, the Hospitality marketing team will be able to do the following across the integrated tools:
– View and reply to Messages and Reviews
– Post across tools with one click and manage content
– Run and manage paid ads campaigns
– Post and manage Special Offers
– Manage marketing content for Bookings and Delivery tools
– View and manage performance across tools with powerful analytics

Dinabite will also use its own advanced AI to automate these functionalities develop predictions and recommendations and improve marketing results.
1. Generative AI, where with Dinabite you can create content like text, hashtags, and emojis for posts, messages, replies to reviews.
2. Conversational AI, to transform Dinabite in a voice controlled tool, that receives instructions, and answers questions, and so on.
Generative and Conversational AI are the easy parts of AI, now very popular, but Dinabite focus is on the deeper and more effective parts, where it has strong, unique competences:
3. Deep reinforcement learning – Dinabite learns what works and what does not, and gives insight and recommendations- and eventually will automate the whole process (within criteria set by the user).
4. Graph reinforcement learning – Dinabite becomes a personalisation engine, knows each customer and offers tailored content and services – So consumers, will hear more about offers and content that they are interested in and less of those that do not match their preferences

After several months of development, the Dinabite Beta version is now live, with the first five tools integrated: Facebook, Google, Instagram, X (previously known as Twitter), and Ubereats. Another 12 tools will be integrated in the near future, and the target is to have over 30 tools integrated in the medium term.
The technology has now been tested by hundred of businesses and is available in all English speaking countries. New users can register from the Dinabite website.
Dinabite has recently launched a pre-seed round of funding. Pitch deck is available through contact via email.

The Dinabite team is committed at dramatically improve marketing for hospitality, and looks forward to hear from anyone who is interested in more information.

Giuseppe Uslenghi
Dinabite Limited
+39 393 950 4824
[email protected]
Visit us on social media:

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/693749153/dinabite-ai-brings-a-new-technology-to-automate-hospitality-marketing

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