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Enoxaparin Sodium Market Size to Grow USD 5354.7 Million by 2029 at a CAGR of 8.3% | Valuates Reports

BANGALORE, India, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Enoxaparin Sodium Market is Segmented by Type (20 mg/0.2mL, 30 mg/0.3mL, 40 mg/0.4mL, 60 mg/0.6mL, 80 mg/0.8mL, 100 mg/1mL, 120 mg/0.8mL, 150 mg/1mL, 300mg/3mL), by Application (Hospital, Clinic)

The global Enoxaparin Sodium Market size is expected to reach USD 5354.7 Million by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2023 to 2029.

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Major Factors Driving the Growth of  Enoxaparin Sodium Market:

The 40 mg/0.4 mL dose offers a precise and manageable dosage, allowing for more efficient therapy and improved patient adherence. This formulation’s dominance in the Enoxaparin Sodium market may be attributed to its widespread acceptance, which represents a balance between therapeutic effectiveness and the requirement for a convenient and uniform dosage regimen in varied healthcare settings.

The Market for enoxaparin sodium is expanding due to a number of important causes. First off, thromboembolic illnesses including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) are becoming more commonplace worldwide, requiring the use of efficient anticoagulant medications. In addition, there is a greater need for Enoxaparin Sodium in postoperative treatment to avoid clot formation due to the increase in surgical procedures and hospitalizations, particularly in orthopedic and general operations.

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The 40 mg/0.4 mL formulation of Enoxaparin Sodium is widely used in anticoagulant treatment due to its uniform dose, effectiveness, and ease of administration. Because of its ease of use in a variety of therapeutic settings, including the prevention of thromboembolic events following orthopedic procedures, this dose is frequently chosen. The rising prevalence of thromboembolic illnesses, such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE), and unstable angina, is a major factor driving the market for enoxaparin sodium. These illnesses represent a significant worldwide healthcare burden, making the use of anticoagulant medications like Enoxaparin Sodium necessary for both prevention and treatment of thromboembolic episodes.

The growing number of hospital stays and surgeries performed globally is driving the industry. Patients who have surgery, especially orthopedic and general operations, are more likely to experience thromboembolic events. The growing use of enoxaparin sodium in surgical centers and hospitals can be attributed to its widespread use as a preventive strategy in postoperative settings. The demand for Enoxaparin Sodium is mostly driven by the demographic trend towards an elderly population. An increased risk of thromboembolic illnesses is generally associated with aging, age-related problems, and comorbidities. The market for Enoxaparin Sodium is driven by the aging of the worldwide population and the corresponding rise in the occurrence of illnesses requiring anticoagulant medication.

Increased detection rates of thromboembolic illnesses are a result of increased knowledge about these ailments and improvements in diagnostic methods. The expanding use of enoxaparin sodium as part of anticoagulant methods for treating and preventing thromboembolic events is a result of increased awareness and early diagnosis. One major factor driving the increase is the use of enoxaparin sodium in the treatment of acute coronary syndromes, such as unstable angina and myocardial infarction without ST-segment elevation. The medication’s ability to effectively lower the risk of further cardiac events has established it as an essential part of the ACS treatment strategy, which is driving market growth.

The market is expanding because Enoxaparin Sodium has favorable reimbursement policies in a number of worldwide healthcare systems. Reimbursement assistance makes this anticoagulant more accessible and cheap, especially for long-term treatment regimens, by encouraging patients and healthcare providers to choose it.

The introduction of generic versions of Enoxaparin Sodium affects the market and encourages competition among producers. This rivalry frequently results in price reductions, expanding the drug’s accessibility and lowering its cost, especially in areas with budget-conscious healthcare systems.

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With a about 60% market share, Europe is Enoxaparin Sodium’s largest market, followed by North America with a roughly 17% market share.

There are a lot of competitors in this sector right now.In the Enoxaparin sodium injection market, companies like Sanofi, Teva, Techdow (Hepalink), Fresenius Kabi, Rovi, Amphastar, Nanjing King-friend, Sandoz, and a few others are significant players. Sanofi, Teva, Techdow (Hepalink), Fresenius Kabi, and Rovi own around 85% of the market share for enoxaparin sodium.

With a 63% market share, the largest customer group by application is Hospital.

The most widely used and effective kind, with a 40% market share, is 40 mg/0.4 mL.

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Key Companies:

  • Sanofi
  • TEVA
  • Techdow (Hepalink)
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Rovi
  • Amphastar
  • Nanjing King-friend
  • Sandoz Inc
  • Apotex
  • Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering
  • Cipla Ltd
  • Taj Pharma
  • Chengdu Baiyu Pharmaceutical
  • Suzhou Erye Pharmaceutical
  • Changzhou Qianhong Bio-pharma
  • Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical
  • Beijing SL Pharmaceutical
  • Huadong Medicine
  • Bharat Serums
  • Intas
  • Lupin Ltd
  • Troikaa Pharmaceuticals
  • Aristopharma
  • Fosun Pharma
  • SciencePharma
  • Pisa

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