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GEM SLEEP Expands Payment Options with Health Plan Coverage to Provide Access to Millions Needing Sleep Apnea Care

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gem Specialty Health, Inc. (GEM HEALTH), a nationwide digital specialty care clinic, announced today that its virtual sleep apnea clinic, GEM SLEEP is now accepting insurance from multiple health plans and payers supporting over 25 million individuals.

GEM SLEEP is making it easier to get care for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by streamlining the entire process into a single virtual experience. With this addition of insurance coverage, people now have more options of how to pay for their sleep apnea care.

Before GEM SLEEP, for someone to use their insurance to get care for sleep apnea, they’d have to navigate a difficult and lengthy process that typically included months long waits, overnight stays in sleep labs, and calling DME suppliers to fill their prescription. GEM SLEEP brings that entire process online, and can typically get someone from starting testing to on treatment in less than 3 weeks. GEM also offers concierge support throughout the process. Individuals with select health plans now have the GEM SLEEP clinic as a provider in their network. GEM is continuing to contract with additional health plans to expand coverage.

“In my experience, patients with sleep apnea often must choose between waiting months to see an in-network provider, or go, without coverage, to an online retailer without comprehensive clinical services. When we started GEM SLEEP, we wanted to make getting care for sleep apnea a convenient and enjoyable experience, but we also wanted to provide as broad of access as possible by partnering with health plans. GEM SLEEP patients love that they can get the same quality of an in-person clinic in an online, customized and supportive experience. We are delighted to see that health plans have also recognized the value of GEM SLEEP, and are eager to add us to their network of providers.” said Dr. Mike Howell, Chief Medical Officer of GEM HEALTH.

GEM SLEEP’s virtual clinic operates nationwide and will continue adding health plan coverage for its services.

People who’d like to check their insurance coverage and get care can start at www.mygemsleep.com. Health plans or employers that want to offer GEM SLEEP to their members can email [email protected].

GEM HEALTH helps people live healthier, happier lives by addressing their specialty conditions end to end. GEM HEALTH removes the frustration of not knowing where to start or the next steps when navigating a new condition. GEM’s first product, GEM SLEEP, helps the estimated 30 million people with obstructive sleep apnea find relief. GEM provides a simple guided experience through diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing support, reducing the time to relief from months to weeks. GEM SLEEP treats patients in 48 states + DC and is actively expanding reimbursement options through health plans and employers to ensure broad access to care. To learn more about GEM HEALTH’s approach to obstructive sleep apnea, visit www.mygemsleep.com or follow us on LinkedIn.


Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gem-sleep-expands-payment-options-with-health-plan-coverage-to-provide-access-to-millions-needing-sleep-apnea-care-301919762.html
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