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Shopkhoj showcases Made in India clothing & crafts on India’s 75th Republic Day

Leheriya Sarees -Rajasthan

Marble Replica of Taj Mahal

Marble Replica of Taj Mahal

Rajasthani Carpets

carpets from Rajasthan

Made in India Clothing & Crafts

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, January 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Indian Republic Day – 26th January

15th August, 1947 is well-known around the world as the day India received her Independence from the British. While Indian Independence Day celebrations receive worldwide coverage and recognition, an equally important and significant date is 26th January 1950. This is the day the Constitution of India came into effect and is known as ‘Republic Day’. Every 26th of January is celebrated as a day of national pride, showcasing not just parades by the armed forces, but also ways in which to showcase cultural heritage. Made in India COTHING & CRAFTS is a perfect way to celebrate Republic Day.

The best cultural traditions of a country can be found in it crafts & textiles. One could almost say they provide a peek into the soul of a country, showcasing the artisans and the traditions that they carry forward. India’s multi layered cultural heritage provides a truly spectacular and awe-inspiring range of handicrafts. Tribal communities across India create an amazing variety of handicrafts & textiles from available sources in their surroundings. Temples and historical monuments have preserved metalwork, granite & marble stone carvings and paintings. Jewellers, potters, carpenters, sculptors, painters, coppersmiths & blacksmiths work on their respective skills & professions even today. Skills are passed down generations. Conquerors and occupiers also introduced & contributed to exquisite new crafts in India. Below is just a sampling of Indian handicrafts(https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/) & Indian Clothes (https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/)from 9 states.

1. Craft and Textile of Bihar

Mithila art, also known as Madhubani painting,(https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/madhubani-paintings/) a 2500-year old art form has its origins in the Mithila region of Bihar and Nepal. This art form was practiced on the freshly plastered floor & walls in mud houses using twigs or fingers and natural dyes. Depicting colorful scenes from mythology, flora and fauna of this region, and other subjects, today they are popular in canvas. A unique feature is the prominence of they eyes and no empty space in the painting.

Tussar silk, (https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/tussar-silk-sarees/) produced from the larvae of silkworks is a coarse silk in golden color, that is dyed in colors later. India is the 2nd producer of this silk from Bhagalpur.

2. Craft and Textile of Rajasthan

Blue pottery, (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/pottery/)of Turko-Persian origin, uses cobalt to make the blue dye and is similar to Islamic pottery. It was introduced to India by the Turkish invaders.

Bandhani (https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/bandhej-saree/)or tie-dye fabrics and sarees are popular dotted sarees in Rajasthan. Tied with a thread at identified spots and then dyed in desired colors, they create a unique pattern with white dots. Crepe silk, satin & cotton fabrics are commonly used for for these pieces.

Leheriya (https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/leheriya/) means wave like patterns. It is created similarly as Bandhini sarees .Sarees, skirts, scarves and fabrics in bright and modern colours are very popular and fashionable.

Miniature paintings (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/miniature-paintings/)are a specialty of Rajasthan. Intricate court scenes from the Mughal period are beautifully captured in this painting.

Kotputhli toys/Puppets (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/puppets/)is a popular form of entertainment in many of the villages of Rajasthan. The tradition of storytelling was uniquely conveyed through these puppets.

Marble Handicrafts -(https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/marble-handicrafts/). There is plenty of marble available in Rjasathan and exquisite carving and painting is done with this material.

3. Craft and Textile of Gujarat

Mirror Work i(https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/kutch-embroidery/),(https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/mirror-work/)s unique to Gujarat. Tiny mirrors attached to colourfully embroidered fabrics create a stunning effect. Apart from this work being done on dresses, tops, Salwar suits, blouses, they are also used on furnishings & fabrics.

Patola (https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/patola-sarees/)sarees are silk sarees from Patan in Gujarat. Also known as double Ikkat, the wonderful patterns are created using the resist dyeing technique. The work on these soft, silky and very colorful sarees are woven in this beautiful fashion and not printed.

4. Crafts of Odisha

Silver filigree(https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/silver-filigree/) is artisanal work at its best. Metals beaten down and flattened are cut into thin strips. Kneading, twisting and melding of metals like gold and silver are then crafted in beautiful pieces of jewelry and other artifacts like boxes.

Pattachitra (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/pattachitra/)comes from two Sanskrit words: ‘patta’ (canvas) and ‘chitra’ (picture). In a scroll form, these paintings are colorful and tell tales from mythology, especially of local characters – for example, Lord Krishna is worshipped in the form of Lord Jaganath in the state of Odisha.

5.Crafts and Textile of TamilNadu

Brass Handicrafts (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/brass/)are used extensively for making items for worship such as lamps, deities as well as decorative items. An alloy of copper and zinc and known for its hardness and dull gold like sheen, this material is also used to make some musical instruments. Temple bells and lamps are usually made of brass.

Kanchipuram /Kancheepuram( https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/kanjivaram-silk-sarees/) sarees are heavy, magnificent unparalleled silk sarees come from the temple town of its namesake, about 70 kms from Chennai.

6. Crafts and Textile of Karnatka

Wood Carving (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/wood-carving/)is an ancient art, that goes as far back as 4000 B.C. A statue of a man displayed in the Museum of Cairo in Egypt is one of the best examples of this work. Karnatake is famous for this type of wood carving on Rosewood and Sandalwood artifacts.

Mysore Silk (https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/mysore-silk-sarees/)sarees are very soft, lighter weight and less expensive silk as compared to the thick Kanjivaram sarees. They come in rich colours and have beautiful zari borders.

7.Craft and Textile of West Bengal

Kantha Embroidery (https://www.shopkhoj.com/clothing/kantha-embroidery/)is a simple embroidery technique popular in the states of West Bengal in India and in the country of Bangladesh. Done in colorful threads, it uses a unique ‘Kantha’ stitch. Motifs of beautiful flowers and delicate creepers animals are used in this form of embroidery.

8.Crafts & Textile form Madhya Pradesh
Dhotkra Art is created by the Dhokra Damal tribes form brass (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/dhokra-art/). they are miniature dolls of human forms & animals.

9.Crafts from Kashmir

Kashmiri Papier mache (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/papier-mache/)is a colourful & pictureque form of art form Kashmir. Pashmina Shawls (https://www.shopkhoj.com/accessories/pashmina/)& Kashmiri carpets (https://www.shopkhoj.com/handicrafts/kashmiri-carpets/)are other world famous products from Kashmir.
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